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Do you stop yourself from daring to try something new, because you are already convinced you’ll fail?
Have you spent a lifetime of muting, censoring and editing yourself, worried what others will think?
Are you hesitating because you think you’re not enough?
Do you always put others first, and end up spread too thin, drained and not having enough space or time for you?
Do you feel stuck, second guessing where you’re at and where you’re going…but not knowing how or where to start to change that?
Are you finding yourself constantly in the comparison trap thinking somehow everyone has something you don’t?
Are you ready to get out of your own way?
Are you ready to feel confident, worthy, believe in yourself and create the you and life you can’t get enough of? The one that sparks joy and gets you excited for each and every day?
Ready to stop ‘starting Monday’ and start living that life TODAY? [WITH a kick ass mentor who’ll have your back every step of the way?]

If you are nodding enthusiastically along and thinking ‘IT’S LIKE SHE’S IN MY HEAD!’ then girl, I’m here to tell you…I am. Not literally of course, but I have BEEN there. You can read my full about story here that goes in to all the details of my journey from anxious, depressed, feeling unworthy, running off my not enough story and feeling lost AF to vibrant, empowered, living my mission and a life I love and knowing with every cell of my being I AM ENOUGH. More than enough. In fact, when I am Elaine dancing down the aisles to a 90’s throwback at the grocery store my partner would even go as far as to say TOO MUCH. I know and own who I am and I keep taking the action outside of my comfort zone to keep proving that new belief right. I spent years pleasing others, putting everyone else first. I spent my whole life comparing myself to everyone around me. I felt STUCK, trapped and confused for over a decade. I was in my own way with all the bullshit stories I had believed about myself and taken on as my truth. UNTIL I invested in my growth, got a coach and turned my world on its head.


Bottom line is, the quality of our life is determined by the beliefs we have. Not only about ourselves, but about life. We see the world through these beliefs, we tell ourselves the same stories over and over. Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our beliefs and our beliefs become our world. This its SO important to know where your stories and beliefs come from and how they impact the way you see yourself, your confidence and how you move through the world. This is why I love what I do - because I get to guide women through the processes using the tools and practices that changed my life to heal the past, create a new reality and a kick ass future. My entire coaching approach is based on one solid principle - we ALREADY have everything we will ever need inside us. It is simply a process of REVEALing ourselves. Like my client Daisy said at the end of our time together, “my biggest breakthrough was the realisation that continually telling myself I lacked self confidence made me believe I did not have any, which was in fact far from true. The self confidence that I was surprised by has now come right out to shine #slay”.

We have the answers, we already are the confident badass who can take on the world. That version of ourselves is simply hiding behind conditioning, stories and a lifetime of subconsciously looking for the evidence of why we CAN’T rather than taking the action to prove we CAN. This is why having a coach, a cheerleader, accountability buddy who has walked the path and knows what’s on the other side and how to get there is VITAL to getting a kick in the right direction. To get outside the overwhelm and freaking out about the finish line and never even crossing the starting line. The first step starts with YOU choosing YOU. Honestly from that moment, doors start opening, paths become clear and everything starts to shift. You’re one choice away from the life you want. If it’s your time, keep reading.

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An initial 45 minute discovery call to get clear on where you’re at and where you want to go so we can work together towards your desired outcome. This is where we figure out point A, point B - and uncover where the gap is so we can close it as quickly as possible for you.
90 minute coaching calls where we dive in to whatever is needed for YOU to create change, a rock solid foundation of self worth, belief and confidence to achieve ANYTHING you set your heart on. We will explore how your view yourself and your world currently, and how your values and beliefs are guiding your current decisions and habits. We will reprogram any beliefs that no longer serve you, and rewire them to support your goals and vision. We will focus on self acceptance, and YOUR definition of success and confidence - and once you have that clarity, we will align your life around what you want and your values and take confident action to make it happen. [In order to create lasting change, it’s important to invest the time to do so. The most effective option to create change is 6 sessions, spaced out fortnightly - creating 12 weeks of transformation together. However if you’re new to coaching or just have noticed some beliefs or habits that aren’t working for you and want a reset, I also offer 4 session clearing packages and one off clarity sessions. We work together to create a mutually beneficial time so it works on your schedule and time zone.] The final call will also be a celebration of YOU, wrapping up the experience together and setting you a clear path forward.
Exercises to complete between each session to get you where you want to go and stretch you outside your comfort zone, take action and start proving to yourself you CAN. These are lifelong tools you can continue to use long after we wrap up together.
A guided visualisation at the end of each session to embed all the learnings of that session
Direct access to me for 1:1 messenger support throughout for anything extra that may pop up along the way

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- A deeper sense of self acceptance and self worth (and kick ass core confidence)
- The confidence in your decision making so you stop overthinking and wasting energy on those internal conflicts, and start using that energy to take action on your goals and dreams
- The ability to handle challenges with ease
- Mended your relationship with “failure”, and see it as a beautiful growth opportunity
- Let go of what others think, and have clarity and direction on your your next steps (as well as ACTUALLY taking action on them!)
- Tools and strategies to keep building your confidence after our time together is complete
- The power to put your own needs first, and align your life around your values
- Know your strengths and gifts, and believe in your ability to execute them (as well as getting off the comparison train!)

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Because I tailor my coaching packages to suit you (where you’re at and where you’re going) I offer a complimentary discovery call for everyone to chat over the options and to see if we are a good fit to work together (book below!). This allows us to gel and also gives us a good understanding of where you’re at, whats currently in your way and where you ideally want to be AND how I can support you with that. If you have been reading this and are curious how coaching could support you, book in a complimentary discovery call below. There’s absolutely no pressure to sign up on the call, this is just for us to get clear on where you’re at, where you want to go and whether this program will fill that gap for you. I love discovery calls because it’s like a digital hang out, we get to know each other, have a laugh and leave you with some value and insights. Even if you’re unsure. Even if you’re on the fence. Even if you’re scared to jump on a call. Book it in and make your decision after you ask all the questions and have all the information. No time slots that suit you? No problem. Shoot me an email and we will sort you out -


Still hesitant to jump on the call? If you would prefer, you can send me an email below with some questions and we can go from there. Let’s chat girl. I’m here for you xx

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