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Living a life you wake up EXCITED by. Having a rock solid belief in yourself. Knowing with every fiber in your being you are enough, have always been enough and can achieve anything you set your mind to? Sound far fetched? I can relate. If you had of told me even four years ago I would love who I am, have the confidence to pursue my dreams, be living my mission and have the man of my dreams, I would have laughed in your face. I spent over a decade in a sea of self doubt, fear, overwhelm and comparison. I put everyone around me first, and felt drained and resentful. I felt confused and lost AF. I dulled myself down because I doubted everything about myself. I never dared to try anything new, because I assumed I would fail. As a result, I stayed stuck and small. Sound familiar?

I’m here to tell you it DOES and CAN be better than it is for you right now. I was in my own way with all the bullshit stories I had believed about myself and taken on as my truth. UNTIL I invested in my growth, got a coach and turned my world on its head. Bottom line is, the quality of our life is determined by the beliefs we have. Not only about ourselves, but about life. We see the world through these beliefs, we tell ourselves the same stories over and over. Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our beliefs and our beliefs become our world. This its SO important to know where your stories and beliefs come from and how they impact the way you see yourself, your confidence and how you move through the world. This is why I love what I do - because I get to guide women through the processes using the tools and practices that changed my life to heal the past, create a new reality and a kick ass future. My entire coaching approach is based on one solid principle - we ALREADY have everything we will ever need inside us. It is simply a process of REVEALing ourselves. Like my client Daisy said at the end of our time together, “my biggest breakthrough was the realisation that continually telling myself I lacked self confidence made me believe I did not have any, which was in fact far from true. The self confidence that I was surprised by has now come right out to shine #slay”.

We have the answers, we already are the confident badass who can take on the world. That version of ourselves is simply hiding behind conditioning, stories and a lifetime of subconsciously looking for the evidence of why we CAN’T rather than taking the action to prove we CAN. This is why having a coach, a cheerleader, accountability buddy who has walked the path and knows what’s on the other side and how to get there is VITAL to getting a kick in the right direction. To get outside the overwhelm and freaking out about the finish line and never even crossing the starting line. The first step starts with YOU choosing YOU. Honestly from that moment, doors start opening, paths become clear and everything starts to shift. You’re one choice away from the life you want.

Are you ready to get out of your own way?
Are you ready to feel confident, worthy, believe in yourself and create the you and life you can’t get enough of?
Are you ready to turn your doubts and fears in to your strengths and dreams?
Are you ready to break the cycle of ‘starting Monday’ and start living that life TODAY? [WITH a kick ass mentor who’ll have yoUr back every step of the way?]


“Working with Kirsten has been life changing. I had a lot of limiting beliefs about my self, my worth and what I had or didn't feel I had to give to the world. Kirsten was able to question me and have a look at my limiting beliefs in various ways. Digging and unwrapping what I 'thought' were 'issues', which were really stories I had told myself. We all have choices in life, and we all have choices in what we do with our 'stories'. I personally grew and developed in ways I didn't see in myself. I had dreams and now those dreams are coming to fruition!" - ANIA SLUSARCZYK


“I was very skeptical at first, I almost doubted the journey before it even started. But, oh boy, I am glad I took that leap of faith. Not only is Kirsten one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, her presence in each of our sessions shone and was incredibly infectious. What I gained from our sessions was exactly what I hoped I would, and so much more. Through the sessions and soul work I can now happily say that I am a strong women with confidence and knowledge of self worth. I am using the tools that Kirsten taught me in my everyday life every single day. I am so happy that I am now a more positive person and face challenges with a different perspective. Not only have a gained a life coach and mentor in Kirsten but also a friend and role model. So much love for this fabulous lady!” - Daisy Sprigg

“Kirsten is an incredible woman and an amazing coach. She created such a safe and inviting space. I was able to show up with whatever was going on for me and she was always there to support me through it. I also learned how to accept myself - the real version of me which I'd never really let be seen. Kirsten helped me face off and overcome so many things in my life that I've been avoiding. I would 100% recommend working with Kirsten. She's a real, raw, authentic and powerful woman!” - Bay Bradfield


Just guess. Ok I almost broke out in to a Bring It On cheer. But seriously, when we work together I am your biggest cheerleader and support system (and I will give you a loving kick up the butt as needed). I’m Kirsten, and I am a Confidence Coach from Brisbane, Australia. WTF is a Confidence Coach I hear you asking? I work with you to free yourself from the past and the stories that you’ve believed to be true about yourself that hold you back from being the version of yourself you want to be. I help you get unstuck, embrace your confidence and create the life of your dreams. I have a Diploma of Life Coaching, am an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner, a Level 1 Breathwork Faciliator and a Matrix Therapies Practitioner. I also have a PHD in Life Experience haha but seriously, I have been through A LOT in my relatively short life and have a serious level of empathy and understanding for you and your journey. What all of this means is, I can work with you to facilitate an enormous amount of change, transformation and ultimately FREEDOM for you in your life. To live your best life, as the best version of you, on YOUR terms. Because I believe two things; we are ALREADY that version, we just have to peel the layers back and reveal it and life is too short to not be extraordinary. Let’s begin TODAY to create that for you. xo


“What can I say except boy, Kirsten is bloody amazing! I did her group program and it has changed my life. I met some other beautiful souls, who I now call friends and and Kirsten guided me [so lovingly and supportingly] to this new discovery of self. I can actually hand on heart say that she gave me the confidence and courage to leave my full time job and pursue my side hustle. 3 months later and I am sitting here living the dream and feeling empowered AF. Thank you, thank you, thank you - for believing in me and giving me the support and tools to take this thing next level! You're amazing and I hope others get to experience this too.” - Jessica Selwood