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Breathwork is a profoundly effective breathing technique and therapeutic process that activates the body's natural healing. It promotes self exploration and awareness and offers a path to personal transformation. Breathwork can support relieving stress and anxiety and can shift unhelpful beliefs and entrenched habits and behaviours. It can support confident choice and clarity in decisions and break through our emotional blocks to navigate change and embrace our full potential. In short - it's the most epic healing I have ever experienced and has created my biggest personal shifts to date. I healed a birth trauma, released a life time of my story of ‘not being enough’ and entered deeper relationship with myself and others. What I love the most about this practice is YOU are your own most powerful healer.

Our bodies are a living library and through movement and breath we are able to shift stagnant blocks, thoughts and emotions to get out of our heads [fear/overwhelm/uncertainty] and in to our bodies where we can begin to trust our decisions and have a deeper sense of belief and knowing. This specific breathing technique embodies therapeutic purposes for our mind, heart, body & spirit. It promotes opening and expansion of the airways from once shallow and restricted breathing patterns. It facilitates a fulfilling, connected and balanced life by moving through suffering, pain and tension to relaxation and ease. Breathwork not only has the potential to expose suppressed adverse experiences and emotions but also resolve them through releasing the associated stored stress and tension trapped in the nervous system and subconscious mind.

Breathwork decreases: anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, insomnia, fatigue, physical/emotional pain.
Breathwork increases: creativity, emotional integration, mental clarity, inner balance, connection to others and to yourself, rejuvenation, relaxation and self awareness.

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Want to book a session? I only offer Breathwork sessions IN PERSON. So these are currently only available to those in Brisbane, Australia (or able to travel to Brisbane). If you are interested in booking a session, or curious how this practice could support you - contact me via the form below.

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