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workshop testimonials

“Words alone can't describe the gratitude I have for Kirsten and the universe for aligning so our paths crossed. Thank you to Kirsten for creating such amazing spaces and for allowing me to be part of her journey as it has changed my life. Every time i have attended one of Kirsten's event it has allowed me to go even deeper within myself. Reveal who I truly am beneath all of the stories I tell myself and sadness I held onto. Reveal yourself is everything and more. Breath work is the most profound experience I have ever had on my self discovery journey. After attending Kirsten's first Reveal Yourself event, I left feeling like a different person. I no longer was feeling the heaviness around my chest, or sadness I carried around from grieving 3 family members. Instead I found a new sense of gratitude and love whenever I thought about them. I felt light and free. So when i heard Kirsten was holding a second event, I couldn’t wait to attend. The second workshop was just as powerful. Every activity during the workshop helped me peel back a layer and get a deeper understanding of what was holding me back and the stories i was still telling myself. I left feeling grateful, powerful, liberate and most importantly self trusting. Kirsten is incredibly selfless, genuine and supportive person. She always holds the space and makes me feel listened to without being judged. I would work with Kirsten every chance I get. You wont regret it!” - Mel

“Wow! Who knew that from a one day workshop I would walk away with my perception of myself completely changed. Kirsten facilitated a breathwork session that allowed me to fully trust myself for the first time in 30 years. She was genuine, honest, fun and compassionate as we moved through the day, and a pillar of strength as she assisted us with getting deep and peeling back the stories and layers that we had played on repeat for such a long time. Game changing workshop!” - Annie

"Massive fucking thank you!! OMG my head, by body, my heart went through a cathartic wake up on Sunday. I thought I was already awake but this went back to the basement of old to once again ignite and take a look !!. I felt liberated from a lot of fear that I didn’t know was there. It was so good to experience this and face off with it. I am totally there at the next one !!" - Sarah

"Thank you so much for your beautiful workshop, honestly it was the most incredible and powerful thing I think I have ever experienced, something I will remember forever. I also woke up feeling so much lighter today, there were no heavy emotions hanging over me and every time a judgmental thought seemed to come into my mind it didn't seem to stay too long, which feels pretty amazing considering I am my own worst critic every single day. I am so grateful to have found you and been able to share this space and uncover these magical experiences." - Jade

“This workshop was mind blowing in the most magical and beautiful of ways. I loved it! The connection, the learnings, the powerful breathwork. I left the workshop feeling high on life, knowing I am worthy, I am enough and I am whole just as I am. Thank you Kirsten for sharing your gifts with us! I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to expand their self worth and confidence.” - Anonymous