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REVEAL (verb): To bring to light, cause or allow something to be seen. ✨

You're invited for a day of connection, healing and releasing what no longer serves you. To REVEAL your true self; your inner confidence, self worth, self belief and connect to a deep trust with yourself.

Is this you?

  • Do you stop yourself from daring to try something new, because you are already convinced you’ll fail?

  • Are you hesitating because you think you’re not enough?

  • Do you rely on the opinions of others, because you have lost trust with yourself and your decisions?

  • Do you feel stuck with uncertainty and disconnected from your hopes and dreams?

  • Are you finding yourself constantly in the comparison trap thinking somehow everyone has something you don’t or spend too much time worrying what others may think?

  • Are you ready to feel confident, worthy, believe in yourself and tap in to a deep sense of self trust and clarity? One that enables you to create a life full of joy and abundance?

I get it. I've been on my own journey to reveal myself; past the bullsh*t stories I believed to be true, through the self doubt and fear holding me back and in to my confidence. Through this journey I found my mission; to inspire and guide women back to their core confidence. I believe that we already have everything we need inside us, it's simply a process of REVEALing ourselves. 

Whatever it is you want in life or from life - it starts with YOU. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. That is what this workshop is about - releasing the blocks holding you back so you can step in to that deep sense of self belief and create unshakeable confidence to make anything possible.

In this workshop:

We will be connecting back to ourselves and with each other through movement, meditation, visualisation and breathwork.

We will kick off with a cup of cacao to set our intention & open ourselves up to possibility. We will move through an empowering visualisation to set us up in gratitude & high vibe energy. You will uncover the four pillars to self confidence, and define your version of confidence and success. Across the morning, you will uncover where your beliefs might be blocking you (as well as a transformative guided process to clear them!). You will learn a powerful four part questioning tool to retrain your thoughts to keep moving towards developing your core confidence.

After a morning full of connection and blasting away self doubt, our afternoon will be spent diving deeper into releasing and clearing stagnant energy and emotion through movement (aka dancing our booty's off) and breathwork. Our bodies are a living library and through movement and breath we are able to shift stagnant blocks, thoughts and emotions to get out of our heads [fear/overwhelm/uncertainty] and in to our bodies where we can begin to trust our decisions and have a deeper sense of belief and knowing. 

So what is breathwork? Breathwork is a profoundly effective breathing technique and therapeutic process that activates the body's natural healing. It promotes self exploration and awareness and offers a path to personal transformation. Breathwork can support relieving stress and anxiety and can shift unhelpful beliefs and entrenched habits and behaviours. It can support confident choice and clarity in decisions and break through our emotional blocks to navigate change and embrace our full potential. In short - it's the most epic healing I have ever experienced and has created my biggest personal shifts to date. (Check out the testimonials below!)

The day will be rounded off with some journaling, reflecting & an empowering visualisation to support you in seeing how all the shifts that took place will set you up to take confident action towards your 2.0 self! #boom

Included in your ticket:

  • Cacao on arrival

  • Self-care package on how to integrate this experience into your day to day life

  • A beautiful vegan platter for lunch

  • Post breathwork tea and grounding treat

Early bird tickets on sale until 31st July! Limited to 10 beautiful women.

PS - When you purchase a ticket to this event, your booking fee will also be donated to literacy programs for young girls. This project transforms the literacy skills of primary school children in low income countries, and ensures girls have the skills and support they need to stay in high school and complete their secondary education.

Can't wait to connect with you! xo


"This workshop was mind blowing in the most magical and beautiful of ways. I loved it! The connection, the learnings, the powerful breathwork. I left the workshop feeling high on life, knowing I am worthy, I am enough and I am whole just as I am. Thank you Kirsten for sharing your gifts with us! I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to expand their self worth and confidence." - Anon

"Thank you so much for your beautiful workshop, honestly it was the most incredible and powerful thing I think I have ever experienced, something I will remember forever. I also woke up feeling so much lighter today, there were no heavy emotions hanging over me and every time a judgmental thought seemed to come into my mind it didn't seem to stay too long, which feels pretty amazing considering I am my own worst critic every single day. I am so grateful to have found you and been able to share this space and uncover these magical experiences." - Jade

"Massive fucking thank you!! OMG my head, by body, my heart went through a cathartic wake up on Sunday. I thought I was already awake but this went back to the basement of old to once again ignite and take a look !!.  I felt liberated from a lot of fear that I didn’t know was there. It was so good to experience this and face off with it. I am totally there at the next one !!" - Sarah