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REVEAL Yourself

  • Indigo Soul Welness 46 Shottery Street Yeronga, QLD, 4104 Australia (map)

REVEAL (verb): To bring to light, cause or allow something to be seen. ✨

Kirsten Morrison and Kaity Gould invite you to join us for a day of connection, healing and releasing what no longer serves you at the beautiful Indigo Soul Wellness studio space in Yeronga, Brisbane. To REVEAL your true self; your inner confidence, self worth, self belief and connect to a deep trust with yourself.

Is this you?

  • Do you stop yourself from daring to try something new, because you are already convinced you’ll fail?

  • Are you hesitating because you think you’re not enough? 

  • Do you rely on the opinions of others, because you have lost trust with yourself and your decisions?

  • Do you feel stuck with uncertainty and disconnected from your hopes and dreams?

  • Are you finding yourself constantly in the comparison trap thinking somehow everyone has something you don’t or spend too much time worrying what others may think?

  • Are you ready to feel confident, worthy, believe in yourself and tap in to a deep sense of self trust and clarity? One that enables you to create a life full of joy and abundance? 

Kirsten and Kaity have both been on their own respective journey to reveal themselves; past the bullsh*t stories they believed to be true, through the self doubt and fear holding them back and in to their confidence and empowerment. Through this journey we both found our mission; to inspire and guide women back to knowing who they truly are. We believe that we already have everything we need inside us, it's simply a process of REVEALing ourselves. 

Whatever it is you want in life or from life - it starts with YOU. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the relationship you have with yourself. That is what this workshop is about - releasing what's holding you back so you can step in to that deep sense of self belief and know without a shadow of a doubt you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Both Kirsten and Kaity are trained facilitators who have invested so much in to their own growth in order to support you at the highest level. We have experience and training in various modalities that aid in supporting women to work through thoughts and emotions in order to claim their power. Kaity works with people who have been through adversities and sexual trauma to reclaim their power and ignite their light. Kirsten guides women to kick self doubt to the curb and reveal the versions of themselves they've always dreamed of.

In this workshop:

We will be connecting back to ourselves and with each other through movement, cacao, meditation, visualisation and breath. Through each of these activities, we will be peeling back the layers to reveal:

  • Confidence

  • Self Worth

  • Self Belief

  • Self Love

  • Self Trust

  • Your TRUE self

These are all activities that you will be able to implement at home afterwards to continue on your journey. We want to show you that you are your own healer and have access to an inner GPS who always knows the way forward - you just get to know how to program it! 

The morning will consist of uncovering the power of our mind and our thoughts and how to retrain ourselves to have the self belief to create the life we love. We will begin to unravel where our blocks are and understand how to shift them. It's SUCH A busy world full of distractions, and this is a time to take for YOU - to drop in with yourself an others. The power of connection is real AF.

This process will be supported through the grounding nature of the earth medicine, cacao. Cacao is considered to be a super food that allows the awakening and expansion of our heart to reconnect to ourselves. This will be done in ceremony together, accompanied with a grounding meditation - dropping out of our minds into our bodies and hearts, where out innate wisdom and truth resides.

After a morning full of connection, our afternoon will be spent diving deeper into releasing blockages in our mind, heart, body and spirit through the power of connecting to our breath and movement. Our bodies are a living library, and through movement and breath we are able to shift stagnant blocks, thoughts and emotions to get out of our heads [fear/overwhelm/uncertainty] and in to our bodies where we can begin to truly trust our decisions and have a deeper sense of belief and knowing. 

When we CLEAR the energy and blocks, we open up to a whole new sense of flow and possibility. Some of Kaity and Kirsten's greatest breakthroughs have come from moving energy from the body which is why they have incorporated it in to their work and are so excited for you to come along and see the shifts that occur!

Included in your ticket:

  • Gift bags with some beautiful gifts from us to you, as well as a self-care package on how to integrate this experience into your day to day life

  • Lunch is on us with a beautiful vegan platter

  • Post event tea and bliss balls 

PS - When you purchase a ticket to this event, your booking fee will also be donated to literacy programs for young girls. This project transforms the literacy skills of primary school children in low income countries, and ensures girls have the skills and support they need to stay in high school and complete their secondary education.

We cannot wait to see you! xo Still unsure if this is for you? Feel free to contact us with any questions at 


My session with Kaity was deeply transformational. Immediately after starting to talk to her, I felt safe and protected. The environment she was able to create and hold throughout my private session felt like a sanctuary. I was able to be fully transparent and vulnerable, accessing deeply buried emotions and traumas. Because of the sacredness of her presence I was able to slip into a trans-like state very quickly, I could fully let go of any desire for control and surrender entirely to her guidance. I am deeply grateful for having the chance to work with Kaity and recommend her to anybody who would like to process and release trauma.⁣ - Bibi

“My biggest breakthrough was the realisation that continually telling myself I lacked self confidence made me believe I did not have any, which was in fact far from true. The self confidence that I was surprised by has now come right out to shine #slay”. - Daisy

"I learned how to accept myself - the real version of me which I'd never really let be seen. Kirsten helped me face off and overcome so many things in my life that I've been avoiding. I would 100% recommend working with Kirsten. She's a real, raw, authentic and powerful woman." - Bay

"Working with Kirsten has been life changing. I had a lot of limiting beliefs about myself, my worth and what I had or didn't feel I had to give to the world. Kirsten was able to question me and have a look at my limiting beliefs in various ways. Digging and unwrapping what I thought were issues which were really just stories I had told myself. We all have choices in life, and we all have a choice in what we do with our stories. I personally grew in ways I didn't see myself - I had dreams and they are now coming to fruition!" - Ania


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