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You see your next milestone age looming in the distance, still no more clear about what you want to do in your life. You’re afraid that if you haven’t figured out what your purpose here is or what would make you happy by now…perhaps you’ll never find it.

You kick yourself after you see someone else sitting in the seat of the promotion you wanted, or implementing an idea you had that you didn’t do anything with…because you were afraid of putting yourself out there.

You distract yourself with creating lengthy to do lists, ticking off a million things but never ACTUALLY do the things that would change your life. You are constantly promising yourself you’ll start again Monday. Or when January 1st rolls around, this will FINALLY be your year. #newyearnewme

You lose hours scrolling through social media highlight reels, comparing your life to that girl who was in LA last week and London this week.

You see other people doing what you really deep down want to do and convince yourself there’s already too many people doing that and you would never stand out or have anything special to offer. So you quit before you start.

You’ve watched a million inspirational YouTube videos, signed up to endless free challenges and listen to podcasts on the daily - stuck in an endless cycle of knowledge consumption without actually applying any of it.

You feel insecure in your relationships, because you know you' aren’t being truly authentic.

You’re in a 9-5 that’s crushing your soul. You KNOW there must be more than this. You know that you’re here for more than that.

You want to believe in yourself and make an impact but you keep telling yourself that same old tired story of: ‘I don’t know if I’m good enough, maybe it’ll just never happen for me’ or ‘what if I try and it doesn’t work out, what will everyone think?’

I want to show you what’s possible when you truly start believing in yourself. I want to support you to OWN how incredible you are and end the cycle of shortchanging yourself from all the magic life has to offer. Together, we will create your own definition of confidence and set a vision for your life that allows you to feel like it’s achievable NOW (not someday) and step in to confident action TODAY. In CORE CONFIDENCE, you will let go of the self doubt holding you back from reaching your highest potential and rebuild the relationship with yourself. After 8 weeks, you will release yourself from the comparison trap, let go of the fear of what other people think and learn how to set boundaries like a boss (without the guilt!) so you can start taking confident action, own your worth, celebrate your strengths and turn your dreams in to a reality

Curious to know how this program could support you?


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I'll help you break up with self doubt, discover your worth & start taking empowered action in 8 weeks. This includes:

- Access to my CORE CONFIDENCE private group coaching program (including a private Facebook group)
- A 60 minute 1:1 strategy call to get laser focused on your confidence goals and make sure you get the most out of the program
- 8 x weekly 90 minute group coaching and Q&A sessions with me
- Clear road map & weekly course checklist so you know EXACTLY what to do each week
- Weekly activities to allow you to go deeper on each topic and continue to build self awareness (and you get partnered with an accountability buddy to cheer each other on!)
- Direct access to me as your coach for 8 weeks—including all my knowledge from helping clients develop unshakeable core confidence in relationships, abundance & career/purpose.
- My unwavering enthusiasm, support, & insights to help you achieve your goals
- A 30 minute 1:1 wrap up call to set you up for success

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At the start of the program, we will have a 1:1 strategy call to get you set for absolute success. You will create a goal for the program and we will map out exactly what you need to do each week to make this happen. No more sitting on the sidelines - it’s your time. I have your back every step of the way. Not only that, together with the other incredible women in the program - you will team up to create an impact project to give back to the community at the end of the program.

WEEK 1: CORE purpose

  • Redefine your relationship with the your ‘purpose’ so you can take the pressure off the endless search party of ‘what you’re meant to be doing’.

  • Build out your core confidence vision - what is truly important to you, what you value and define your own terms for your life.

  • Learn how to set internal goals so you get off the hamster wheel of success and feel confident its achievable TODAY, not someday.

  • Discover the sweet spot between your strengths, what you value and what you love (and embrace your multi-passionate self!).

  • Acknowledge your strengths so you can end the cycle of shortchanging yourself from all the magic life has to offer.


  • Build awareness around your thoughts, words and actions and how they are creating your current reality.

  • Uncover exactly how and why you procrastinate and self sabotage

  • Create powerful habits and rituals to counteract any sabotage attempts (and set the foundation for success!)



  • Uncover the core reason that you doubt yourself, so you can hit the refresh button and release yourself from your story.

  • Master your inner mean girl so you can start proving to yourself you can.

  • Let go of the self doubt and fear holding you back so you can reach your highest potential

  • Create NEW empowering beliefs to rely on as you continue your journey.


  • Cultivate unconditional self acceptance and self love for yourself, your body, heart and mind.

  • You will start putting yourself FIRST, believe in yourself and own your worth - you will no longer settle for ordinary.

  • Releasing guilt, shame or anything else in your way of owning how amazing you are.

  • Define new standards for the relationships in your life.

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  • You will rebuild your trust with yourself so you can stop giving up on yourself, follow through and be your word.

  • You will learn how to trust your intuition so you can stop second guessing your decisions (and asking everyone around you for their advice).

  • You will learn to value your BEST efforts and release the need to get it right.


  • You will uncover how to be yourself authentically so you can stop wearing masks to fit in and please others.

  • Feel confident in social settings and in your relationships because you are being true to yourself.

  • Release the need for validation and stop seeking approval from others.

  • You put powerful healthy boundaries in place and know how to say no like a boss (without the guilt) so you can create space in your life for more F*CK YES opportunities.



  • Uncovering your money story so you can rebuild your relationship with money and abundance.

  • Understanding the true meaning of abundance so you can expand what you believe your worthy of.

  • Connecting the dots between your ability to receive in order to manifest abundance.


  • You’ll be walking your talk and taking action on what it is you set out to create - you’re no longer stuck and just ‘going’ to do it - you’re DOING IT.

  • You let go of worrying what everyone else thinks and value your opinion first and foremost.

  • You are clear on who you are, your worth, you know your WHY and have a portfolio of proof of why you can - and are ready to take on the world.


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Next steps - if you have been reading this and are curious how this program could support you, book in a complimentary discovery call below. There’s absolutely no pressure to sign up to the program on the call, this is just for us to get clear on where you’re at, where you want to go and whether this program will fill that gap for you. I love discovery calls because it’s like a digital hang out, we get to know each other, have a laugh and leave you with some value and insights. Even if you’re unsure. Even if you’re on the fence. Even if you’re scared to jump on a call. Book it in and make your decision after you ask all the questions and have all the information.

PS - We start OCTOBER 1st xo

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You could wake up not only excited to start your day but also by your life. Like that weight around your chest has been lifted. That you felt like you can finally be your authentic self without worrying what other people thought. That you no longer doubted every decision you made or questioning where you are in life. You have a deeper sense of self acceptance and self worth (with some kick ass confidence to boot!). You handle challenges with ease because you’ve mended your relationship with yourself, and with “failure” - and now see it as a beautiful opportunity for growth. You feel empowered to put your own needs first, and have stopped spreading yourself too thin. You’re taking action. You’re closer to your goals and dreams than ever before. You got off the comparison train, and you’re celebrating your strengths, and believe in your ability to execute them. You have set your inner GPS and you know exactly where you’re headed. AND - you’ve got some new epic women to journey life with, who have your back every step of the way.

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Kirsten Morrison is the founder of REVEAL Yourself, a Confidence Coach, host of The Ground Up Podcast & a breathwork facilitator. She has a Diploma of Life Coaching, is a qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Matrix Therapist & Breathwork Facilitator. All of these are great…but the real reason she can support you is because she has a PHD in Life Experience - she’s walked the walk, done the inner work and has an enormous amount of empathy and compassion for what it takes to get from A to B. She knows where you are, because she has been there - and wants to walk shoulder to shoulder with you on your journey. Kirsten knows what’s on the OTHER SIDE of breaking through your fear & the story keeping you stuck - because this life she’s created wasn’t always like this.

After struggling with self esteem, anxiety, lack of purpose and depression for over a decade, Kirsten committed herself to investing in doing the inner work, so when the idea and mission presented itself, she was READY. The first workshop she attended blew her away & created a MAJOR shift -  and in that moment she knew one SUPER important thing; she wanted to give this feeling to as many people as humanly possible. In two days, Kirsten found herself and her mission and has never looked back since. Across the course of that year, Kirsten invested in countless personal development programs including walking on fire with Tony Robbins (literally!) and went from participant to support coach for her mentors.

Since launching her business from scratch in less than three months using the tools she learned to create core confidence, Kirsten guided 77 women in to an Empowerment Challenge, followed by an online group program called Empowerment Academy. Kirsten founded #RevealYourself and cultivated a tribe of 1:1 clients as well as her own signature in-person workshops. She ran 10 consecutive back to back events for heart centered women in business to celebrate what they love about what they do and inspire conscious entrepreneurship (& overcame her fear of public speaking in the process!). Kirsten also created a bi-monthly event called The Breakfast Club - which is for women to connect, share and leave inspired. Kirsten is the host of The Ground Up podcast, a place for conscious conversation with women about turning their pain into their purpose.

In the process of claiming her worth & making an impact, Kirsten has called in her one, called in her tribe, strengthened the relationships around her, broken up with her bullsh*t & created a life by design, not default. Now she is supporting women all over the world to do the same, using her unique REVEAL Method.

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When does the program start?
We kick off October 1st.

I’ve never done a group program, or had coaching. Is this program right for me?
Yes! This program is perfect for you. Whether you’ve never experienced coaching, or you are a seasoned pro - this program will give you the result of confidence for the next level up of your journey. Book in a discovery call and we can chat further to see if this program is a good fit to meet your goals.

What is the price of the program?
I’m a huge fan of the underpromise, over deliver method - so all my programs are relatively low priced compared to the value provided. I also offer payment plan options, which can be discussed on the discovery call. Book in a call, and let’s see if we can make it work for you. The reason I don’t include the price is not because it’s wildly expensive, this isn’t a luxury car showroom. It’s because I would hate for you to have a budget in mind, or for you to start to second guess investing in yourself. I know this, because I have done this. So I would rather you book in a call and we can chat, there is NO pressure on the call to sign up and I am not taking your card details on the spot like some other coaches. This is just a casual chat to see if what I offer can get you from A to B. The rest is up to you.

I’m not based in Australia, can I still join?
ABSOLUTELY! Our group coaching will be via a Zoom (skype like program) call and the rest will be online.

What days and time will the calls be?
I will confirm the exact days and times of the calls after I close enrollments off and know what time zones all the women are in.

I really want to join, but I’m nervous! Help! #sos
I know the feeling, and this is completely normal. I was once on the fence to message a coach I wanted to work with, because I was so scared to get on the discovery call and look like an idiot. I ended up sending her own Instagram picture to her DM in a fluster because I was trying to cancel out of sending her the message. I not only ended up doing her program, but became a support coach for it. The universe forced my hand that day and I am glad it did. I am the least scary person to get on a call with and I always have your best intentions in mind and heart. If the program is a no, that is completely fine too. My goal is to just leave you with enough value for you to take your next step.

Still hesitant to jump on the call? If you would prefer, you can send me an email below with some questions and we can go from there. Let’s chat girl. I’m here for you xx

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