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The past few weeks have been the biggest in my coaching business EVER. it's a real moment of celebration for me to be able to be in service to so many incredible humans. There was a time (not even that long ago) that these were the type of weeks I hoped and wished for. The reality behind these epic weeks, is sometimes the DIP's. The moments before the breakthroughs where you're like...wtf am I doing...is this even going to work? Should I just throw in the towel and call it quits? Maybe this just isn't possible for me?

There is a difference between a dip and a dead end - and often we get confused on the two. I used to allow dips to be a dead end. Allow the fears, doubts and lack of immediate results be the moment to pull the pin and give up on myself. Now, having moved through the dips I have the PROOF that almost every time there is a dip, it means a major breakthrough is coming up. When we stay consistently in the game long enough, we get to see the results of all the seeds planted on the way.

For example, I nearly pulled the pin on my whole business back in May. I had a moment where I was sitting on the train in London with my man, all up in the feels and saying maybe this just wasn't for me. He said to me, if money or time was not a factor, would you still choose to be a coach? I said yes. He said, well then you've got to want it more for yourself and play the long game.

He was right, I kept going with a whole new commitment and now as a result - I have run three Breakfast Club's (two sold out), two sold out workshops, launched a group coaching program that has almost all the spots filled, stepped in to supporting women through breathwork (where I now have fully booked studio days), and only have space for one more 1:1 client for the rest of 2019. Above all that - the ripple that this has created is priceless. The woman who I have become in the process who has finally embraced her all-ness. The women who are now CONNECTED as a result of the events I throw (my heart exploded last night seeing one of them post a video of the other doing Samba in the Pride parade because she had gone to support!). The BREAKTHROUGHS my clients have had that have changed their lives. If I had let my dip be a dead end - none of that would have been possible.

Are you experiencing a dip? Or do you let your dips be dead ends? Comment and let me know.

What is a dip?

A dip is the deep valley of self doubt between starting something new and mastering it. Almost everything in life worth doing is controlled by the Dip - and the decision to quit or not is a simple evaluation...is the pain of the dip worth the benefit of the light at the end of the tunnel? JOURNAL PROMPT: Where will I be in 12 months time if I quit now? Where could I be in 12 months time if I keep going?

The deep valley is a shortcut because it helps you achieve mastery faster than any other path. A lot of people do not stick through the dip because its human nature to quit when it hurts - so if you get through the dip - you're already putting yourself in the category of #immagetit.

Kirsten, how do I know if this is a really just a dip or a if it's actually a dead end?

Check in with your body. How committed to this are you REALLY? Through the fear...does this light you up? Is it bringing you joy? Does it excite you? Are you in alignment with what your doing - does it match up with your values? If you imagine giving up...how does that feel? If you imagine that you kept going...how does that feel? Trust how you feel. Make your call from there.

How do I get through the dip?

  1. Invest in a coach or mentor to lead you through the deep valley and be your cheer squad through the dips. Read my post on IG about what happened when I finally started investing in myself.

  2. Protect your energy. When we are going through a big 'output' of energy in starting something, we can often skip the self care. Make sure you are building in SPACE and time for self care. Having your cup full will allow you to feel more like the dip is manageable. Try a magnesium soak bath, some time in nature with that vitamin d or curled up on the couch with your favourite book. Make sure you are starting the first 30 minutes of your day with intention FOR YOU. Try my favourite visualisation here with works your subconscious mind to bring your goals to life.

  3. Don't speak about the dip...with people who revel in a dip or live in fear. Because they will talk you so fast in to thinking its a dead end or giving up because that's the reality they live in. Only share your dip doubts with people who will hold you to your highest and encourage you to keep going.

  4. Focus on what you DO want and starve your doubts. Keep visualising yourself achieving that goal. Really FEEL the feelings of what it will be like to achieve it. What will you be seeing, hearing and telling yourself as a result of making that happen? What will it bring to your life? Write this out as a script that you can read daily in present tense as if it's already happened. If you can think it, feel it and believe it - it's already happening.

  5. Take another step forward. The best way to tackle a dip, is to take action. Keep showing up. Stay committed. Remember (or get clear on) your WHY. Why did you start this? Why is this important to you? Acknowledge the doubt, acknowledge the dip...and keep going.

Dips don't last forever, but what you learn in those dips set you up for even more success. Take the lessons and turn them in to FUEL for your wins in the future. Was there a time in your past that you've experienced a dip, then a breakthrough? Rely on that as proof you can make it happen.

What action will you take? Comment and let me know! Keep going girl. You got this.

Prefer the audio? Check out podcast below xx