A few weeks ago I ticked a bucket list experience off my list, which was to attend a Tony Robbins seminar in the flesh. I’ve been watching his videos for YEARS and was dying to experience his magnetic energy in person. When I saw tickets going for Unleash The Power within in Sydney, I jumped at the opportunity (without reading too much in to it…definitely didn’t read the part about the firewalk!) I really had no idea what to expect but I knew that there was no way I would leave feeling disappointed.

The first day of UPW was the infamous firewalk and I was prettttyyyyy nervous in the lead up. The why may seem obvious (uhhh hello, fire = danger, basic logic!) but somewhere along the course of the day I realised something…deep down I wasn’t really that concerned about it but subconsciously I wanted to be afraid. I was talking myself in to it because that was my comfort zone. Playing small was an emotional default for me – my autopilot. So despite consciously NOT being afraid, my subconscious tried to steal the show.

Which is totally something I do in other areas of life. When something is a stretch outside my comfort zone I talk myself in to being nervous. Create the story around the fear & repeat it to myself – all the reasons not only to myself but anyone who will listen why it’s scary, why it wouldn’t work, why I couldn’t make it work. Because this gives me an excuse, an opt out if you will – a safety net for failure.

All day I was in my “I’m so nervous about the firewalk” story (even when I wasn’t I was STILL repeating it). Then by the time we go to the walk I was SO PUMPED and not scared at all. I was standing in line next to someone who turned to me and said “are you nervous? I’m really nervous.” In that moment it would have been so easy for me to slip out of state and in to my default story but I chose a more empowered response and just said “no im not nervous at all it’s exciting!” – and walked to the front of the line.

Mindset is EVERYTHING. The language we use determines the quality of our life and the way we show up in it. I was shocked at how quickly we moved in & out of emotional states throughout the day, ESPECIALLY in priming for the firewalk. You can change your state in a heartbeat with a choice. It blew my mind that in the right mental state you can literally walk through fire – the body & mind are so much more powerful than we give credit for. Change your mindset change your life has never meant more to me after this experience.

For me, getting across the coals was more than just not ending up with third degree burns [side note – I got no burns, no blisters and it was an amazing experience I would do again!] it was about conquering a limiting belief and proving to myself I could do it. If I could walk across fire, I could choose a new effective belief system for myself for all the other areas this was still showing up.

How often do we do this? Talk ourselves in to playing small. We spend so much time & energy arguing for our limitations and not nearly enough on why it could & making it happen. What’s the story you’re repeating to yourself? What’s the limiting belief you’re hiding behind? AND – what else can you choose now?

I was also inspired by the power of human connection at UPW. 6000 people in the room at and we all felt like family immediately. There was community, collaboration, trust, connection & a bond. We had a container in which we had permission to connect with no boundaries. It blew my mind because put 6000 people in a train station trying to catch public transport, or 6000 people walking to work every day and what’s the result? Discomfort. Disharmony. Distrust. We know that level of connection is available to us at any time but we choose to step back from what makes us human. We shouldn’t need the context to give us permission to feel connection, joy and celebrate each other. It’s available to us all day, all the time if we choose to see it and participate. We are truly all in it together experiencing so much of the same – 6000 people yesterday from all different backgrounds and almost everyone raised their hands to indicate a shared experience over and over again.

There was soooo much more I took away from the weekend and since then I’ve really feeling like if it’s not working or in alignment it’s got to go! Too often we settle for the kinks in our hose and make excuses for what’s not effective or for us in the moment – whether out of guilt, obligation, people pleasing etc – but ultimately it all comes down to choice and trusting what feels right for you right now.

Dropping the BS, the shit that no longer works and becoming radically responsible for where you’re at, what you want & creating the space for it to show up is a beautiful thing. You are the creator of your life, if you don’t like where the story is headed – it’s time to write a new one.

[Image by the amazing Soul Echo]