So excited to share the wisdom and energy of the amazing Chris Ward Jr – motivational speaker and coach extraordinaire. He’s been such an amazing supporter and friend in my journey so far. We probably could have kept going all day – but we went IN on:

  • Developing your identity, finding out who you are and building a foundation for your vision

  • Turning your greatest pain in to your purpose

  • Acknowledging your gifts and talents

  • The importance on mindset

  • Taking the first step and getting in the game

  • Separating your vision and goals

  • Finding a WHY bigger than yourself that allows you to trust your dream is bigger than your circumstance

  • How pausing and being an observer allows the space to let the world reveal the answers to you

  • Overcoming creative blocks and connecting to your inner voice

  • Trusting your intuition and your spiritual GPS

  • Why the little things count in taking you towards your vision

  • Focussing on becoming the container for when your vision becomes apparent

  • Why working in the unexpected brings you the most growth and success

  • Finding your edges, leaning in and enjoying the journey

  • Finding your tribe and sharing your vision with people committed to your growth

  • Why saying no to GOOD things allows you to say YES to great things

  • Why your vision and your WHY have to align, otherwise you’re working for someone else’s vision

  • Why you’re always in the right place at the right time – even when it doesn’t make sense to you in the moment + LOADS more goodness.

So much gratitude to Chris for jumping on as my first guest and thank you so much for everyone for watching. Like + share with someone who may need what’s in here xo

Two books Chris mentioned were – The Artists Way by Julia Cameron and The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

Connect with Chris: www.wardofencouragement.com | www.instagram.com/chriswardjr

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