Megan Febuary is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of For Women Who Roar™. Her passion around storytelling began at a young age with her own creative journey in writing and art as a form of healing trauma. As a storyteller, content curator, and art director, Megan’s vision For Women Who Roar™ was born from a desire to see womxn’s stories empowered and elevated.

Her M.A. in Theology and Culture with an emphasis on Trauma, the body, and integration was around the stories our bodies hold, but are unable to say out loud. Megan has been featured in magazines, podcasts, and panels around the power of voice. Her passion for holding space for women to share their stories has shown itself through publications, hosting creative events and retreats, moderating panels and podcasts, as well as participating in art residencies. She is currently writing her first book that will be released in 2019.

For Women Who Roar™ features the voices, experiences, and art of women. If you consider yourself a women who roars, then this for you. The name was born from a poem written by Founder, Megan Febuary about the experience of being woman in a society that is scared of the female voice, power, and presence.

“I know it scares you to see me get angry. To hear a woman scream and howl and lose her mind. But I’ve been told to be quiet most of my life. Voice muffled and whispering. So now I’m yelling every chance I get to make up for the silence. Like a lion. Let lose from her cage. Roaring and free.”

This poem was the starting point to a much bigger and expansive vision, something all women could be a part of building together through the power of storytelling.

When I came across For Women Who Roar, I immediately was inspired by the sacred, powerful community and the openness of expression. It felt like home, and after following for a while I finally plucked up the courage to ask Megan on the podcast. There was sooo much in here we covered:

– “Our stories are within our bodies and when we begin to make space to listen to that body narrative, we can begin to tap in to a truth we were never allowed to say yes to.”

– Everyone has access to their deepest passion and desire, and if you don’t know what that is, go back to your younger self and think bout what you wanted to do when people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. It might have been a ballerina. AND, it’s not about the answer, it’s about what’s behind the answer. If you wanted to be a ballerina, maybe you wanted to be in the spotlight? So what happened that made you want to dim your shine? What made you think you needed to get you of the spotlight and how can you create space to get back in the light and dance? [figuratively or literally!]

– Find that young girl within you and listen to what she has to say, she will coach YOU.

– Everything is connected within us and speaking, so learning to have that conversation and listening to that is key to healing and wholeness.

– Why we avoid going within and listening to our intuition, and how we can bridge that gap again.

– As women we are told we are too emotional, too sensitive too passionate we feel too much and there can be a shame attached to healing. Ashamed to be who we truly are. The practice of being kind to experience safety allows us to shift through this.

– Using creative prompts to allow us to heal via metaphors

– The best thing we can do is to follow after our fears. Fear is a teacher – fear AND failure.

– Asking: What am I most afraid of? Failure or success? Leaning in is awkward, it can be like going in to the ocean when the current is strong – if you fight it, you might just drown. You have to find that balance of getting your feet wet stepping in and going with the flow. Some of that is just showing up.

– “The only thing that ever stopped me from making this happen and the next thing happen is the fear of showing up. So the best thing you can do to lean in and have that faith no matter what the outcome is maybe it won’t be what you expected but its ok because your bravery in stepping in to that might open a door that might open down the road that ding even imagined. Or a failure or loss might prepare you for an experience down the road, so always step in.”

– Push back that resistance. The thing that you resist the most is the thing you most need.

– Under the fear is shame and under that shame is a story that you need to start unwrapping so your story doesn’t define you.

– What happens when you feed your fears, and how to recondition yourself.

– Learning the art of not giving a fuck what other people think. Don’t make time to apologise for who you are, when you have a big mission you don’t have time to apologise.

– Giving ourselves permission to be many things – happy, sad & beyond. Learning to be ok with being a business owner and having depression. Or being a happy person and having anxiety.

– The power of vulnerability, and owning our story – no comparison to anyone else.

– Your voice matters. Your story matters. You belong here.

– Every person we see, we can recognise our experience and vice versa – we have something to learn from every single person.

– Balancing hustling and when to slow down

+ What success means to Megan

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