“It’s the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden | a quote I included in the mail out last week to the tribe.

This quote is bang on. AND it’s our perception they are ‘little’ that allows us to push them to the side so easily when things are going right and be like; meh, I got this.

How much of your day is crafted together by what makes you FEEL your best? The very first thing I did to get my mindset back in my socials break was to get my morning ritual back.

I had let these ‘little things’ slip – forgetting how POWERFUL setting your day up with intention is and what a difference it makes in allowing you to flow through the day like a grounded goddess and bring 100% of yourself to your life, relationships and purpose.

What is your intention for the day?
What do you want to experience more of?
How do you want to FEEL while doing it?
How can you combine all of these and embody it to become a living expression of your values and intention?

Give yourself the gift of presence to start the day & sit with these intentions. Oh, and a cup of cacao.

Some other ideas to kick start your AM:

WAKING UP: First things first…get your phone out of your room and get an alarm clock. They virtually cost nothing but they WILL give you endless amounts of peace and sanity back in your morning. Avoid checking your phone for an hour when you wake up. This allows you to create space to set your intention for YOUR day, rather than get swept up in what everyone else is doing (triggering comparison, feeling anxious or rushed in the process. No thanks.)

GET PRESENT: I strongly endorse animal cuddles at this point, or gently tapping in to being focused and present on your breath. Just 10, deep present inhales. What is your intention for the day?

MOVE YOUR BODY: This shifts energy, drops you in to your body and out of your head (which allows you space to get creative and present), and releases some endorphins to get your mind right as well as keeping your body healthy and strong. Up until recently this has always included a high energy gym session of some kind, but lately I have been really called out in to nature and to start my mornings a little slower and softer with a morning walk or yoga. You can find some amazing FREE Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes here.

GET YOUR VIBRATION POPPING: An attitude of gratitude will always bring that back to you ten fold. Starting the day with a practice of finding at least three things you are grateful for, as well as three intentions you are set on manifesting in to your life, combined with breath & energetic practices that leave you feeling like you just left a retreat? YES PLEASE. Here’s a step by step, 10 minute morning priming exercise that combines all of this. Once you feel in to this, you can mix it up and create your own. Journal. Look in to different energetic breathing exercises or whatever makes YOU feel good.

GET YOUR NATURE ON: Get out in nature. Even if it’s for 5 minutes, barefoot if possible. Just really bask in how amazing it is, breathe the fresh air and ground yourself for the day. Sometimes I will do my body movement and visualisation outside just to really maximise my time outside. A lot of us are stuck indoors at a chair for so effing long in the day this is an absolute game changer.

NOURISH YOUR BODY: Eat something that you know is going to start your day off right. My smoothie recipe is 200mls of coconut water, a handful of frozen blueberries, 1 x banana, 1 x tablespoon of vital greens, 1 x tablespoon of almond butter, 1 x tablespoon of MCT Oil, 2 x tablespoons of chocolate protein powder. Delisshhh. I will have this most days, otherwise i’ll have sauteed vege if i’m feeling extra. This is such a key part of the morning, so nourish your cells and don’t rush a breakfast bar in the car if possible. Set your body up to support you. It’s our only home we have after all.

COMMUTING? Whilst i’m always open to a high vibe boogie in the car, I blend this with a mix of audio books (currently finishing up Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability) and podcasts (and try to avoid commercial radio except Hip Hop Friday’s because I love a good 90s throwback and also #humanAF). Check out my podcast The Ground Up for some conscious conversations with some seriously epic babes.

So there you have it! You could also take time to read, meditate, do breathwork, have some epic puppy snuggles. The world is your oyster. The key is, allow yourself time to have time for YOU with rushing. Be intentional. Create a ritual for yourself. Even if it’s just one ‘small’ thing from this list. Start with 5 minutes. You deserve it. I hope this supports you, lots of love! xo