the power of 90 days next level life podcast

Christine & I sat down New Years day to chat on her podcast on creating a year of growth. Three months in to 2018 we decided to sit down for a refresh and see how we were tracking, what we had learned and what next.

As you will probably be able to hear, we could talk for hours and have a blast doing it (couldn’t even get the first sentence out without a burst of laughter!)

A few of the things we covered:

  • The power of a 90 day plan

  • How aligned and committed action can change your identity

  • Having self awareness when fear or perfectionism shows up

  • The power of social declaration

  • Your energy is a choice and your responsibility

  • How to raise your vibration

  • Finding a new truth for yourself and your path

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs through finding evidence to prove yourself wrong

  • The power of accountability and having a mentor

  • Changing your relationship with fear

  • Having flexibility with your goals and your deadlines

  • Comfort zone boundaries

  • Action is the answer

  • Bringing joy to the process

  • Celebrating your wins

  • Overcoming the need for validation

Hope you enjoy the podcast! xo