ROUND 2 OF THE BREAKFAST CLUB! We spoke about releasing comparison and owning your uniqueness (you can read more about how to do that in this post.)

Heart = full. So inspired & moved by the open, transparent & connected conversation today. There were laughs, hugs & tears (+ delicious food/coffee thanks to Flora by Greenhouse.)

My intention with opening up this space was to have offline, in person time where we could connect in shared experience. The topic of comparison couldn’t have been a more perfect topic to tap in to that.

When we spend so much of our time absorbing highlight reels, we can often end up comparing others “best” to what we perceive our worst. (Without remembering its not the full picture & we all have our shit.) We can allow comparison to become a road block, rather than as inspiration to move forward.

We can choose to look for inspiration without comparison. We can CELEBRATE others success, compliment not compare, have gratitude for what is working & celebrate how far we’ve come, our strengths and what makes us unique.

Anything we see in someone else, is a mirror for something we already have or have the capacity to achieve. Comparison is an invitation for you to acknowledge where you already have that strength or quality & set healthy goals to inspire you forward to your next milestone.

THANK YOU to all the women who came today, you are all incredible & I learned something from each of you. Celebrating you today.

Thank you to @thesoulecho for capturing the magic through one of your many gifts. 📸

Until next time - and I hope you can join us! xx

Kirsten Morrison