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So honoured to have my soul sister Kathryn Ottobrino on the podcast! Kathryn is a Transformation Life Coach and Speaker, spiritual rebel and a loving ass kicker to me personally haha This woman shows up hard for her clients, has a huge mission on her heart and has some of the strongest boundaries I know and continues to inspire me to create the same in my life. Kathryn and I met through an online business program and have been each others support system and soul tribe ever since. Recently we have both been sitting with a common theme of ALIGNMENT, so we decided to take our chat online and share what’s been coming up for both of us. 

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Hello? Is this thing on? Dipping my toe back in the social media pool after three weeks totally off the grid. To be completely honest, instead of what I expected to be feeling (a sense of relief I can finally know what this Drake challenge is I’ve heard about, check my DMs and be “connected” again), a large part of me is in resistance. When I consciously chose to hit the “pause” button on social media three weeks ago, I was probably in the lowest headspace I had been in in well over a year since beginning my personal development journey. I fully recognise how I had slipped in to the most ineffective old wounds, programming and was rapidly losing sight of everything that made me feel good – and the positive mindset I had worked so hard to gain. I was in a super shitty place, full of insecurities, self-doubt and in HUGE comparisons. The whole thing had a very back to square one/what the fuck am I doing here/how did I get here vibes.

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I recently connected with Jennifer Forster in a business mastermind group, and when she reached out to share she was starting the #peacefulwarriorwoman project I was a hell yes. The project is sharing images of women from around the world, sharing advice they would have for their younger self and the overwhelming amount of beautiful, heart centered wisdom that has poured out as a result has been so amazing. When Jennifer asked if I would also be up for being the first guest on the Peaceful Warrior Women Podcast I jumped in. This was a SUPER raw, honest and vulnerable share filled with elements of my journey never shared before. #vulnerabilityhangover was real AF that day! lol I hope you enjoy and it serves you and huge thank you to Jennifer for having me on as the first guest. Loads of love for this beauty!

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