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The only 3 things you need to build authentic confidence

The truth is, confidence isn't something you just have or you don't. Confidence is built over time, by taking continuous action in the face of your doubts. Jumping in to action quicker & quicker to leave less & less room for your fears. When in doubt, say yes, jump in & figure it out along the way). The speed it takes for that leap of faith? It really comes down to three things…

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So honoured to have my soul sister Kathryn Ottobrino on the podcast! Kathryn is a Transformation Life Coach and Speaker, spiritual rebel and a loving ass kicker to me personally haha This woman shows up hard for her clients, has a huge mission on her heart and has some of the strongest boundaries I know and continues to inspire me to create the same in my life. Kathryn and I met through an online business program and have been each others support system and soul tribe ever since. Recently we have both been sitting with a common theme of ALIGNMENT, so we decided to take our chat online and share what’s been coming up for both of us. 

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