First LWYD (Love What You Do) Collective event was a success! So many glorious women in the space sharing, connecting in a meaningful way & chatting all things collaboration. The way we connect, what makes a meaningful connection, what has worked and what could work in the way we work together. It was so special to have so much love & support in the room – and take those digital connections offline and have some real heart to heart time. There were some really open, raw shares and we ran through a few powerful exercises and visualisations to leave the night on a note of empowerment.

This time last year when I stood in front of a room of 80 people at a workshop to share, my hands were shaking, and I was close to tears. I didn’t want to be seen, and I was so afraid of being judged or getting it wrong. Flash forward a year and I loved being able to stand in front of this group and share from my heart, from a grounded space, without fear – knowing there was so much love in the room.

I was reflecting on the way home how much growth there can be in such a short amount of time, when you invest in yourself, believe in yourself, and take action before you are ready (because let’s get real, there is NEVER a good time to get outside your comfort zone). So I honour all the women in the room last night who showed up, got outside their comfort zone and took a step forward towards their dreams.

Thank you to everyone who came! It was truly so special to have so much love in the room. The event would not have been what it was without all of you. xo