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Core Confidence comes down to three things:

1. Your belief in your competency
2. Your belief in your ability to figure sh*t out and the biggest one
3. Your belief in your VALUE.

I recently asked the question "what do you struggle the most with when it comes to your confidence?" on my social media - and the vast majority of the answers were down to self worth. This is SUCH a huge topic beautiful woman - because the quality of our life is determined by what we perceive our VALUE is - and it ripples in to everything. Our relationships, our health, our careers and our ability to magnetise abundance.

Are you ready to get out of the self doubt cycle, quit the self sabotage & comparison and start to believe in yourself? If you are ready to start owning your value so you can confidently back yourself, start that project or business, get that powerful relationship and create a life of abundance, this event is for you.

Across our two hours of power, you will learn the difference between self concept and self worth (and why the gap between this is the key component to us not owning our value). You'll learn how to embrace yourself NOW, and then build genuine and authentic action on top of that to step in to BEING your highest potential. AND you'll start to understand how those challenges you've faced, gorgeous woman, are actually what ADDS to your unique value. You'll leave with an understanding of what your unique value is, how to bring it in to the world more and ready to kick some a** with confidence.

This event will be hosted at the beautiful plant based cafe,Flora by Greenhouse on Sunday 8th September from 9am to 11am.

This will be an intimate breakfast so you have plenty of access to me 1:1 to ask questions as well as connect with other like minded women - this breakfast is all about YOU connecting. This is not your typical take notes style event, this is all about quality conversation.

It's so key for our success to be surrounded by community & cheerleaders to support you forward. What better way to kick off your Sunday than by kicking your confidence up a notch over delicious food with your local girl gang? (ps - your ticket includes breakfast + coffee #winning).

Your ticket includes a beautiful plant based breakfast + coffee + connection + a worksheet. #yassssss! 

 for everyone who attends you will receive my empowering daily visualisation & post event 45 minute clarity call #boom 

Tell your BFF and grab your tickets - limited tickets available and the last two events SOLD OUT so jump now if this has your name on it. Can't wait to meet you! xx

PS - Your booking fee will go towards supporting disadvantaged young women to receive education. Literacy and poverty are inextricably linked, with children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world often working instead of attending school to help their families. This fate most often falls to girls. Knowing how to read makes girls safer, healthier and more self-sufficient. This project transforms the literacy skills of primary school children in low income countries, and ensures girls have the skills and support they need to stay in high school and complete their secondary education.