A taylored adventure to happiness kirsten morrison

I was recently interviewed by Taylor Simpson for her podcast, A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. 

Taylor is a seriously badass boss babe on a mission to help women remove their blocks, uncover hidden beliefs, discover blind spots and dissolve labels that have been holding them back for way too long. I had SO much fun chatting to her about the crafty ego, the not enough story and the shadow side to the journey. You can check it out here: https://thetaylorsimpson.com/episode079-2/

The toughest question? What would be my last meal. Damn I had NO idea. That is so tough. I ended up settling on Doomie’s fried ‘chicken’ (vegan of course) from LA…but I TOTALLY slept on the Crossroads Impossible Burger. Dammit. Either would have been incredible but you can laugh at how seriously I take my food at the end haha the only question that really stumped me!

Key Takeaways: 

+ The best intro ever!
+ Putting your life on hold and waiting for that “perfect moment”.
+ Being the container to hold a vision
+ Stepping into the version of you that is inside of you
+ Finding the message in the mess
+ Appreciating what you have.
+ The importance of having your tribe around you
+ How the ego gets crafty
+ Discovering your self-sabotaging patterns
+ Self-sabotaging by success.
+ Re-filling your cup
+ Showing up on fumes
+ Quitting by success.
+ Getting out of the overwhelmed spiral
+ The importance of being present and being with nature
+ Giving yourself extra love
+ What does it mean to have a tribe
+ Why your family can’t always be your tribe
+ When your ego outsmarts you
+ The lone wolf mentality
+ Getting in the space
+ Finding your tribe or empowering people to talk on Facebook
+ Doing the damn thing!
+ Being addicted to polls
+ How we all have the same fears
+ Unlocking the power that’s within
+ The scientific mindset
+ Why you need to stop torturing yourself
+ Taking a leap of faith inappropriate random songs

Standout Quotes:

“Remove the ego, stop protecting yourself and do the damn thing!”

“Self-sabotaging by success is taking too much on my plate and then going to burnout.“

“‘Tribe’ is just really just community, is about support, is having people that you can grow with and have your back.”