Amanda Rootsey is a cancer survivor, former international model, inspiring speaker and gentle guide. She guides teens, supports patrons and trains youth mentors across the globe.

She was dubbed a game changer by The Collective, an ‘eco-activist’ by Cleo and showed the hosts of The Today Show how to use food as makeup. Amanda has helped thousands of young girls through her holistic self development school, Shine From Within, which has struck a cord with families due to its focus on self-love, compassion for others and healthy living. Her positive, yet calming attitude provides a nurturing environment for her young students and youth mentors.

I’ve known Amanda for years and have always been inspired by the dedication to the impact she creates, but also in the gentle and nurturing way she leads. Amanda has created a thriving, soulful enterprise that she leads from the heart, and just launched her new book Shine From Within: A Teen Girls Guide To Life which culminates all of the wisdom of her teachings in one place. I actually received a copy in the mail from Amanda and had completely forgotten I had contributed a quote for the book with advice I would offer to my teen self. When I saw the quote it was so perfect for what I really needed to hear right then – message inception! Message from past Kirsten, intended for teen Kirsten but perfectly timed for present Kirsten haha we are forever being guided.

My quote: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, only looking back. So trust the timing of your life, trust the process, have faith in yourself and the unique journey you are on. Everything will work out the way it is meant to, and it will all make sense to you when it does.”

We chatted about:

  • Going from burnout to breakthrough and living from a space of abundance

  • How to be and lead by example for the next generation

  • Following your intuitions and universal signs to create a thriving enterprise with soul

  • The importance of holding space for our next generation, and giving them a judgement free zone to have permission to thrive

  • How we can ALL be youth mentors, and why it’s so important

  • Supporting others to be able to share their light

  • What ‘impact’ can mean and how to follow your own path when creating it

  • The power of setting intention, taking aligned action and having faith in he universe

  • The balance of gentle business and getting sh*t done (and letting go of perfection in the process!)

Hope you enjoy this divine goddess speak so beautifully from the heart. Would love to hear what resonates for you xo

Check out more about Amanda here:
Instagram: @amandarootsey | @shinefromwithinhq