Nikka Karli is a Soul Medicine Woman, Erotic Muse, & Inspirational Messenger who helps Creative Visionaries scale their brands into global movements by unleashing their full Orgasmic Potential, {Re}Wilding their artistic expression, and Untaming the Wild magic of their souls.

This conversation was SO divinely timed for me (no surprises there!) as I feel a pivot coming in a new direction. I have so much admiration for this goddess and her ability to freely express herself and her soul. I hope you all enjoy this deep dive in to our HOME – the body.

  • BEING the vibration of your dreams – you can’t ONLY think, systemise or strategise your way to 6 figures, you have to be the vibration to match it

  • Flow over force – the power of creativity and joy

  • Creating radical responsibility for your frequency

  • How to overcome being DISTRACTED from being in your body – and truly TAPPING IN to what’s alive for you

  • The only way out is THROUGH – moving through what is here by EXPERIENCING and FEELING

  • You can’t think your way out of an energy shift

  • Reconnecting to our bodies after being so disconnected

  • Trigger cycles, wounds, old programming and how the body alerts you to what is still present for you and hasn’t been healed – despite it maybe being an ‘old’ wound

  • The ways suppressing our emotions will manifest in our life

  • Stop resisting – start feeling! How to feel SAFE in your body to heal and move through your process

  • TRUSTING the messages from your higher self and source – moving in to a state of faith, trust and surrender and letting go of fear…and how this comes through a process of feeling fully connected to our body.

  • Sex magic – and what’s underneath our desires

  • Creating the FOUNDATION for your ‘container’ – you MUST be willing to do the work to lay the solid foundation in order to grow upwards

  • Being willing to touch down in to the shadows, rather than just trying to live in the light

  • How the ‘shit’ in your life can be fertilizer if you choose it to be

  • Life is peaks and valleys – and how as leaders if we choose to only stay on the mountain top, we cannot connect with the people we are here to make an impact for who are in their own valley

  • How to expand your container to hold more joy, freedom, love, creativity, wealth, pleasure, mission – in a way that totally turns on your soul WITHOUT going in to hyper masculine energy of forcing and hustling

  • Taking action in a way that allows you to ‘do’ from a space from embodied intention – with more potency and essence

  • Being in the SHADOW of surrender – how you can trick yourself in to thinking you are in this state and the step most people miss

  • Expansion comes from letting go of the need to KNOW – the difference between knowledge and wisdom

  • You ARE allowed to change your mind and your direction

  • What to do when you hit your upper limit – and how to recognise when it’s coming

  • Letting go of your attachment to ‘what it looks like’ in order to be the messenger for the message

  • + more practical tools to expand your container

Kirsten Morrison