Alex Vickery is a singer & songwriter, boss, creative, and all around mega talent. Seriously, there is nothing this woman can’t do AND I am lucky enough to call her one of my best friends. Alex moved to LA and has since then worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to create some INCREDIBLE hits…including her debut single, warmest regards. Alex recently co founded The Box – an all female multimedia showcase. We dove in on:

  • How she KNEW without a shadow of a doubt what her purpose was and how she uncovered that (including the inevitable detours we all take!)

  • The unexpected doors that open and ‘lucky breaks’ we have when we follow our intuition and souls calling

  • If not now, WHEN? Why NOW is the best time to start following your dreams

  • The power of patience – if you feel like it’s taking a long time to ‘get there’, you are being prepped and primed for your big moment and from there it can all unfold rather quickly

  • Overcoming self doubt and your inner critic

  • What it REALLY takes to follow your dreams, including radical self belief

  • How no skill is wasted – everything along the journey all serves you once you find your purpose

  • The realities of the LA dream (including some crazy ass, days of our lives type stories! haha)

  • The “almost’s” and how a closed door is guiding you to where you are meant to be

  • Being underestimated and proving people wrong

  • Some tips for up and coming music artists starting out in the industry

  • The notion of permission in following our dreams

  • It’s OK to process what is showing up in your life from a day to basis (no matter how ‘small’ the problem feels), we get to ALLOW what is in our space in order to be able to show up for others effectively and create change for the greater good. It starts within and you are allowed to feel your feels about every day issues to allow room to deal with the issues for the collective.

  • Why she co-created an all female multimedia showcase – how the idea stemmed from a chat with roommate on the couch and went from a small project at the local bar to an major event sponsored by airbnb within a day through IMMEDIATE ACTION and remaining flexible for the idea to evolve

  • The power of sisterhood and community

  • Collaboration vs competition

  • Tips for shifting your state and cultivating self belief

I hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording it! Huge thank you to Alex for sharing her wisdom and for inspiring me to follow my dreams, and believing in me before I believed in myself xo (also wow…I say like A LOT!! Soz everyone, aiming to work on that haha)

Find more from Alex: 


@thealexvickery on IG
@welcometothebox on IG