Jacqui Pugh is a breakup and life coach – an interesting niche she found herself in after experiencing some of the worst of the worst in regards to heartbreak.

Jacqui followed the breadcrumbs of her journey and found herself doing the inner work (realising that SHE was the common denominator in her journey!) that shifted her outer world and lead her to the path of turning her heart break in to her hearts purpose. She now is on a mission to uplift the world, creating clearer minds and revealing a deep love that most people didn’t know they existed by breaking the continuous cycles we all get caught up in; one heart at a time. Through her experiences, she knows the way through and will help you utilise your past relationship as a catalyst to light your way to a brighter future. I absolutely LOVED chatting with Jacqui and whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is not a conversation to miss. Some of what we covered:

  • How she turned her heartbreak in to her hearts purpose

    1. Revealing the breadcrumbs of her journey and how the dots connected to her mission – it’s about trusting the journey and knowing that everything happens for a reason and that reason will reveal itself

    2. How investing in herself and inner work changed her life and created massive impact in her outer world

    3. The benefits of investing in yourself – you can’t put a price on changing your life

    4. Being aware that YOU are the common denominator in your dating patterns

    5. How important it is to deal with your patterns and your emotions

    6. The EXTRAORDINARY POWER in ALLOWING YOUR EMOTIONS (caps because f*ck this is a big one!) and the ways in which suppressing your emotions can show up

    7. Why ‘having it all together’ and ‘proving you’re living your best life’ can be unresourceful and prolong the pain

    8. The importance of trusting your intuition and why we often ignore it

    9. Anger isn’t a ‘negative’ emotion

    10. How allowing yourself to go through the process clears the emotions and energy for what you DO want to bring in, because what you don’t deal with will become your blueprint and continue to show up as a pattern

    11. The power in forgiveness INCLUDING YOURSELF and why this is such a key part of moving forward in a breakup and releasing the attachment

    12. How being in love with love or attachment can lead to ignoring the red flags

    13. Self love, boundaries, becoming clear on your values, and what you DO want and what you are worth as the foundation for calling in the one

    14. Developing the relationship with YOURSELF first and knowing yourself begins the process of being a vibrational match for your one

    15. How to put yourself in situations that are aligned for the type of person you want to meet

    16. Some of our crazy ass dating stories

    17. Tests from the universe on whether you will SETTLE or whether you will hold yourself to what you deserve

    18. Tools and processes to support you in getting clear on what you want, who you are and calling in the relationship of your dreams

    Find more about Jacqui & what she can offer here: http://jacquipughunzipped.com INCLUDING her program BURN which begins 11th June & is for singles who are seriously committed to themselves spiritually, mentally and financially to majorly level up your lives in EVERY aspect. Get on it peeps! Follow her on Insta (and see some kick ass testimonials!) @jacqui_pugh xx