Emily is a connector, coach, speaker, experience creator and obsessive collaborator. She is the creator of  the Conscious Boss brand, which encompasses: Conscious Boss Clique, a growing network of 1200 wellness entrepreneurs who come together in person and online to learn from business leaders & to connect as a community, Conscious Boss Digital and her new program, Step Up to 6 Figures. 

Emily took her business from $20k to $200k in just 10 months, and now travels the world working with hundreds of entrepreneurs privately, through her group coaching programmes and events and is still passionately creating a conscious community of collaboration, connection & empowerment. We jumped IN on the layers it takes to be a conscious boss:

  • How the universe takes the lead for you when the opportunity is for you and you are willing to say YES

  • The beauty of community & collaboration

  • The ripple effect of service & sisterhood

  • Collaboration as the antithesis of competition

  • The power of vulnerability in leadership

  • How connected we are through our story and journey when we are willing to share it

  • Having a tribe to turn to and having that support being integral to achieving the life of your dreams

  • Being discerning about who you share your dreams with & how to deal with unsolicited feedback

  • Your heart will never lead you astray – your heart is your truth and your brain is your fear

  • Breaking up with certainty and stepping in to surrender

  • The need for certainty AND are the things you are developing certainty around…things that ACTUALLY excite you?

  • How your GOOD life is in the way of your GREAT life

  • The number one thing holding women back

  • Self-belief comes FROM taking action NOT before

  • You are never ‘ready’ to step outside your comfort zone. Action is the antidote to fear

  • If you are alive, you have 100% track record of things working out

  • There is no such thing as fearless but we can work WITH the fear and be courageous

  • How being in the game develops the character and belief in ourselves to achieve our dreams

  • How you can’t connect the dots forward, but how they ALL make sense looking back. No skill or experience is wasted.

  • How IF and WHEN is a dream killer

  • There is no destination AND the journey is always evolving

  • Relinquishing ‘the plan’, expectation of the journey, stepping in to flow and allowing the path to reveal itself

  • Authenticity and why it is still a conversation

  • Radical ownership takes away the vulnerability of sharing your truth – instead you are just in ownership of your power

  • Facing off with your fear, running in to your edges and neutralise your story and your triggers

  • How can you be about something bigger than yourself and create positive change?

  • What it means to be a conscious boss

Hope you enjoy the episode! Would love to hear from you on how it supported you or your biggest takeaway so be sure to leave a comment.

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