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Kellie Scott, journalist by day (and The Hair Loss Boss at all other times) is a real, raw & authentic badass babe who has OWNED her circumstance and turned it in to a beautiful permission slip for other women to embrace their own journey. We had such a ball in this chat, so I hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording it. Some highlights:

7:30 - How Kellie started sharing her journey and started her accidental hair loss Instagram page

8:31 - Accepting and owning your story takes away the shame, blame & guilt

9:01 - When you share it, you take ownership and take control. You are telling others, they're not telling you

13:28 - The inner work and self acceptance Kellie went through to take control of her journey

16:18 - Moving from acceptance to using your voice to normalise the journey for others

20:20 - You never know who you are impacting by sharing your truth

21:32 - It doesn't have to be sharing it online, but writing it down or sharing it with one person you trust to release the hold that it has

23:34 - People admire and lean in to vulnerability (and how we still never want it to be us)

28:17 - Kellie's 3 step process to acceptance

29:58 - Feeling stuck? There is no wrong decisions - trust your gut, trust the process

34:30 - You are not alone in your journey - the power of community & connection

38:00 - My major breakthrough watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

40:19 - The fear doesn't disappear, so knowing that the small amount of fear before you take action will far outweigh the results if you DON'T

42:20 - Progress over perfection - take the baby steps forward. You don't need to know the how, you just need to know the how will take care of itself when you say yes.

If anything resonated with you or supported you, I would love to hear from you! (Also it would mean the world if you leave a review xo)

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