the ground up podcast with Kirsten Morrison


Anna is a women's holistic health and life coach, workshop facilitator and host of The Full Circle podcast. With her no fluff approach to personal development, Anna empowers her clients to embody radical authenticity, radical self-love and radical wholeness so that they can be the women they came here to be.

After spending 7 years in the corporate world working as an Executive Assistant for top CEO’s all over the world, and a wake-up call disguised as anxiety and burnout, Anna knew she had a bigger mission on her heart; to help women heal, step into their power and find what lights their heart and soul on fire.

I'm so excited to share this conversation because this woman is so real, raw and authentic and I love the way she is able to bring you in to her world and journey that even if you didn’t know her personally, you would feel like her BFF. Aside from sharing the story of the time I shit myself at the Beverly Center in LA, we also chatted about how Anna found this work, the power of vulnerability, the art of releasing shame in shining your light, the lack of integrity in hiding behind a highlight reel and some of the BS we have noticed in the coaching world. Anna also shares some practical tools in releasing fear and shame and has a sneaky stretch in there at the end for you to take on.

  • 4:07 - The fact that we are human beings first and a business and a brand second

  • 5:28 - How vulnerability and releasing shame by sharing her truth in real time has really been a key part of Anna’s growth and success

  • 8:11 - How she creates success on her own terms

  • 12:55 - Releasing the fear of getting it ‘wrong’ or receiving “negative” feedback, and instead using it as an opportunity for you to not only reflect and grow, but also to potentially open a dialogue with someone that you might influence their perspective as well.

  • 19:31 - The sacrifice, heartache, risks and the ‘not according to plan’ moments that happen behind the scenes that we don’t always see or recognise because we are so focused on putting our best foot forward and taking everyone’s highlight reel at face value

  • 21:08 - Viewing everything as a stepping stone, rather than a destination

  • 23:00 - Beating ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and celebrating the wins and growth

  • 25:00 - Separating fact from fiction online and how it’s much easier to live in your TRUTH and integrity

  • 26:29 - The incongruity of the personal development world with a lot of people promising a ‘fix’ or ‘quick win’ or ‘guaranteed six figures’, when the reality is the win also needs to be sustainable and realistic for yourself AND what you choose

  • 31:00 - my infamous shitting story

  • 33:00 - “The only way to release shame is connection”

  • 34:00 - Digging through the layers of what the CORE of your fear and releasing the emotion and shame

  • 45:34 - How Anna has had all of the success on societies terms, and yet never been happier and never been more comfortable in her own skin than she is now wearing track pants day in, day out, living with her mum, sleeping in a king single bed.

  • 45:57 - Why it’s not always the ‘things’ or what society has deemed as what success looks like as what will make you happy, and the importance of deciding for yourself what success looks like

  • 48:03 - The importance of uncovering the EMOTION behind what you’re chasing so you can step in to that emotion daily, knowing that from that space the success or goal will follow.

Check out her website Conscious World Wellness & instagram.com/annasquelch  & facebook.com/consciousworldwellness

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Kirsten Morrison