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Soooo excited to launch The Ground Up – a place for conscious conversations designed to create inspiration for the inner journey of revealing the most empowered version of yourself.

First up on this #selfcaresunday I had the honour of talking to the beautiful Ingrid Lecke about Self Love.

We dive in to:

– Ingrid’s journey to cultivating a foundation of self love and why she turned it in to the cornerstone of her mission
– Letting go of comparison
– The trap of building an identify outside of yourself & always striving to be someONE or someTHING else
– Practical self love tools to build a powerful relationship with yourself
– How filling your own cup first makes you an even more powerful giver in your relationships
– Honouring your sacred no and boundaries
– Creating energetic real estate for your YES’s
– The importance of creating rituals of self care
– The power of tribe
– How investing in yourself will lead to self belief and self love
– How self love is the foundation of creation
– For all our entrepreneurs out there – self love is the foundation of your business; your business is only going to grow as far as your belief in yourself
– We attract what we believe we are worth

Enrol in Ingrid’s Self Love School – www.selfloveschool.com.aufor more info & message the code SELFLOVEKIRSTEN to Ingrid for a special price. xo