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Casey Mason is the founder of The Real Her Project which provides mindset education for the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

She is passionate about connecting my young audience with successful women and help bridge the gap between wanting a business, and owning one. So much of the time, we are not taught how to be confident in ourselves, how to back ourselves and find our passion and purpose in life. Casey’s aim is to equip young women with these fundamental tools they are not taught in high school, and provide them with the mindset techniques and inspiration to be confident in chasing their dreams. I would LOVED to have this information and know there was more options for me when I was younger.

– Following your intuition and carving out your own path
– Knowing there is NO skill wasted, and even if the path takes you the long way around, nothing that is for you will miss you
– The value of a network and having connections that will support you
– Leaning in to your passions and joy to uncover what career path you want to peruse
– Taking action to create change and build self belief (as well as declaring your commitment to the universe!)
– You CAN create an income by doing what you love
– Letting go of comparison
– Overriding our fears to follow our dreams
– WHY journaling, meditation and mindset hacks

+ Casey’s advice to her younger self

Would love to hear your takeaways from this episode! xo