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Kaity Gould is on a mission to break the stigma and silence around the silent global epidemic of sexual violence. She has transformed the pain from her own trauma in to her purpose, which has birthed Empower the Powerful, and her program Surviver To Thriver.

She believes in holding care and compassion at the core of all her work to support all in reclaiming their power and releasing shame. I am so honoured to be able to share Kaity, her story and her mission with you all. We met on a recent breathwork training and connected immediately – I was so moved by not only her story but the absolute LIGHT she is in the world (she’s an actual real life angel, no joke!). In this episode we discuss the importance of healing from trauma, and the freedom it creates.

What you went through is important and you are worthy from healing from that experience

  • The first step to healing; acknowledging what you’ve been through

  • The various levels to what a trauma can be, and how it is really when your psychological and physiological capacity to cope has become overwhelmed – we can bring a lot more experiences under this column of trauma and generate awareness and healing

  • Using the strength the trauma has given to you, to propel you in to the future

  • Releasing numbing coping mechanisms that suppress, and replace them with tools that will allow you to heal

  • Understanding shame and guilt, as well as the impact this creates energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally (and some practices to heal this)

  • The power of vulnerability – nothing is lost when we share our truth

  • How Kaity used a ‘bliss list’ to support her initial healing

  • Detaching from your mind that fuels the insecurities and connecting to your true essence that flourishes the inner beauty within you

  • Feeling at home and safe within your body, and rebuilding trust with yourself

  • The power of affirmations

  • Leaning in to sharing one thing you hold shame around in with someone you trust, and seeing that impact that creates

I hope this episode supports you, at the end of the day we are all in the process of facilitating our healing on some level. Honouring each and every one of you in your journey, and sharing so much gratitude for Kaity for sharing her magic with us all. xo