You can’t think your way out. Remove the noise. Allow the space for the ideas to come. It’s ok to rest. It’s time to just BE. Disconnect to reconnect. The foundation need to be solid before you grow. Choose YOU.

All messages that have been presented to me in a multitude of ways over the past 6ish weeks I have been stubbornly ignoring. But that’s the thing about ignoring what your soul is asking of you – it gets louder. Manifests in other ways until it’s so obvious you have no choice but to surrender. A few weeks ago, a message really dropped in for me which was; “are you willing to die, in order to be reborn?”. Not a physical death, but one like the Phoenix. Shedding every part of its identity that no longer serves it to rise from the ashes in a new form. That is what I am being asked to do but have been mainly resisting this. Out of fear. Out of scarcity. Need for approval. FOMO. “What if I take a pause and am forgotten? What if I am letting people down? What will happen to the momentum?”

Rarely in my life have I chosen me first. In Extreme Leadership workshop last year, it was a message I received in a slap in the face…however while I received the message, I didn’t really take any action to correct it. In fact of late I have been so off course with choosing me that, in full authentic truth, I stopped doing the work on myself. Stopped investing in myself. Stopped backing myself. Stopped believing in myself. And while I have been showing up and outwardly it probably looks like I am on path, I haven’t felt so off course in years on the inside. I have slipped quite far back in to the “old me”, old programming of comparison & “not enoughness”. My foundation, my roots…have not been set out with enough conviction to be able to grow at the rate I have been pushing myself…and, that foundational work needs to continue and is a LIFE LONG practice and journey as you go along the path.

What got you here, will not get you there. You cannot outsmart, outwork or out strategise your vibration – you will always get what you are putting out. So right now, I choose me. I choose to go inwards & take a pause. I had a 1:1 inner child session with Tarryn Jilda Slade a few weeks ago and was shocked during the visualisation that my inner child’s anger…was all directed AT me. For not being on my own team. It’s time to honour that.

I feel a pivot coming in where I am headed, but until I disconnect and allow the space for clarity, allow the space to drop in & reconnect to the work I was doing and relay the foundation – then there is no point in “showing up” online for the sake of it. That is not service. That is not authentic. That is not leadership, as my beautiful friend Jenna reminded me today (thank you for giving me permission to switch off mama!). It’s ok to pivot. It’s ok to change your mind. It’s ok to rest. It’s ok that despite all the work you’ve done to still have a human moment & have to reset. Just make sure that whatever it is you are being asked of, no matter how crazy the call, that you choose you first and foremost.

See you on the other side of the pause! Who knows what magic will have come through and the direction that we will go. And…exhale. Lots of love xo