It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride on planet earth lately – there is A LOT coming up individually and collectively. Despite everything happening in the world right now, I am determined to stay optimistic about our future and put my focus toward spreading more love than ever, and commit to becoming a better version of myself every day in order to support the change we so badly need. What we are seeing more than ever is the result of an absence of love, of understanding, of compassion and connection – for the most part we have simply forgotten who we are at our core.

We are all connected, whether we choose to see it or not. We are individuals but we are also a collective whole. What hurts one, hurts us all. The same applies for love, when you send that out – it creates a ripple effect. Love and prayer is important, it provides an energetic space to heal both individually and collectively. However action is also needed. Whatever your pain point is, whatever makes your blood boil, whatever hurts your heart – I invite you to investigate how you can be involved in creating positive, lasting change. We get to lean in, have uncomfortable conversations, use our voice.

When faced with the choice between what is easy and what is right, I hope we all choose the latter. If you’re reading this you already have a platform. Every day within every interaction, every relationship including that with yourself is a chance to make a choice to make an impact and a difference. Never lose hope, never stop being a champion for love, never stop choosing what is right.

The world needs all of us to step up and step all in. There can never be too many people shining their light in the world – so don’t dim yours. Especially not now.

I came across this letter to humanity written by superstar Kute Blackson – which I think perfectly articulates what is showing up, and the action needed by all of us. I hope it resonates with you as much as it did me. Remember you are not alone, we are in this together and despite what we are constantly shown – there are millions of beautiful humans committed to creating a powerful future. xx


A Letter to Humanity:

Let’s all take a moment of intention to send love and prayers to Las Vegas, and all those places on the planet that need love RIGHT NOW.…

This is a WAKE-UP call, and we can no longer push the snooze button.

More than ever, we must all now STEP-UP and vote for TRUTH and LOVE in our lives. With every thought, action, or intention we are co-creating our world and future.
We can let the outer circumstances determine who we are going to be, or we can consciously choose love. Each time we choose negativity, or indulge reactivity we reinforce the current reality.
DON’T indulge drama, as energy flows to the point of your attention. It serves nothing by being part of the problem. Make a RADICAL commitment to stop indulging fear, especially your own. It takes the same amount of time to choose love, as it does to choose fear. Focus on the solution.
Love has no opposition.
In order for true healing to happen, our shadow must come to the surface and be transformed. This is part of the healing process.
But when the darkness comes to light it won’t be pretty at first, and it’s easy to judge, hate, and condemn it. But this only serves to reinforce it. We must choose to transform it through love and compassion, starting with ourselves.

As spiritual beings it’s easy to focus only on light. But now it’s a time for us all as humanity to face our shadows and acknowledge our darkness, or else it will silently consume us.

We are being forced to face our shadow DIRECTLY now. Those dark parts of ourselves; addictions, wounds, unresolved pain, and issues that lurk in the depths of our psyche that we have tried to hide.
As we do our part to integrate and heal the parts of ourselves that we have disowned, we do our part to raise the consciousness of the entire planet.

As a humanity I believe we can heal and transform into the “Jedi warriors” we were born to be, but it MUST be through LOVE.

Love doesn’t run away when times get tough. More than ever the world NEEDS you to courageously step into it, and bring more conscious awareness from a place of compassion and love.

You cannot bring real change by going down to the same level of consciousness that created the problem. We must RISE-UP. And respond with even more love. Love is not an option. It’s a necessity and it’s what we are.

Let us always remember that life itself is love school. Every situation, person, and experience is an invitation to love, especially the difficult ones.

These times are an opportunity to live compassion and to put your spirituality into practice.

There is no more time to waste. It’s time to give your gifts to the world with a fierce urgency like never before. And each of us has the responsibility to do our part to BE the very change the we seek.

Our real work as a humanity is just beginning.
This is the mission we signed up for, and the reason we were born on planet earth at this time in human history.

So either you are being part of the problem or being part of the solution.

Which are you committed to being?
What actions will you take now?
No more waiting. No more excuses. No more projecting. No more complaining.

The world is waiting for YOU.

No one is coming. You are already here. You. Are. The. One.



Kirsten Morrison