Happy New Year beautiful!

I celebrated my 34th lap around the sun over the weekend, and in celebration of that – I decided to raise money for Orange Sky Laundry, AND give you a GIFT! A free, 7 day mini program ‘7 Days To Empowerment’. These 7 days of questioning, tools, resources and practices were foundational in changing the game for me. I went from a place of being completely disempowered, directionless, purposeless and not ever being willing to celebrate my unique gifts – to the exact opposite. Empowered, full of purpose and willing to celebrate and own it. That’s what I want for you, which is why I have created this free program as my gift to you.

So if you are looking for a boost to kick off 2019, I would be honoured to be take the next 7 day journey together towards unleashing your empowerment. It’s my belief that we already have all the answers and resources inside of us, we just get to learn the tools to help us strip back the layers to reveal the highest version of ourselves. You are already that version NOW, it’s just a process of remembrance.

There is an ENORMOUS amount of value in here. 7 jam packed days, with 7 different themes. Each day has a short video, a worksheet with ACTIONABLE steps to take each day. We will be diving in to:

CLARITY – Getting clear on where you’re at, setting some focused goals and actionable steps to move you closer to your desired outcome.
BELIEF SYSTEMS – Diving in to our belief systems, what they are, where they come from, and how they may be holding you back (and beginning to shift them!)
ENERGY – A day full of expression, fun and joy. Dropping out of the body and in to the head, shifting emotion and allowing to be energy in motion.
MORNING RITUAL – Learning the power of a morning ritual and carving out some intentional time for YOU.
ALIGNMENT – What’s a hell no right now? Let’s get rid of it, to create space for a f*ck YES!
CELEBRATE YOUR STRENGTHS – Celebrating all of you and uncovering your top 3 superpowers!
EMBODIMENT – Today we take action, play full out as the HIGHEST expression of ourselves (and create a ripple effect of impact too!)

AND…there’s a bonus guided empowerment visualisation and my Passion & Purpose Starter Kit. 

PHEW! It’s a big one. I hope you join me, and if you do – I can’t wait to hear all of your aha moments, breakthroughs & wins across the next 7 days.

Anything is possible. I believe in you. You got this!

Sending you so much love,

Kirsten xo


PS – If you’re looking to majorly level up your 2019, and are ready for a deep dive journey together, I have just ONE space open for 1:1 coaching. I keep my 1:1 spots to a minimum, so that we can go deep in to ceremony across a 12 week period together to actualize your intentions, and create the change you desire. SO, if you intend on making this your year, keep questioning what your next move is, and wondering when you’re going to make it…take THIS as the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Imagine where you could be in 12 weeks with a guide who really gives a f*ck about you and your dreams (that’s me!), who is committed to accountability, crushing your limiting beliefs and walking side by side with you to further develop the tools to continue to REVEAL your bad ass self. In order to get where you’ve never been, you have to be willing to do what hasn’t been done. Things can shift in an instant. How?

1. Decide & commit
2. INVEST in yourself
3. Take action, and click the button below to line up a complimentary discovery call 

You can see what some of my beautiful clients have said about their journey here.