Briony is a dynamic and heart-lead coach who’s enthusiasm and passion will challenge, activate and inspire soulful action. 

After a number of years as a corporate lawyer, Briony made the leap to start her own coaching business Untapped. She now coaches, speaks and facilitates workshops to empower millennials and budding entrepreneurs to realise and harness their true potential, uncover their unique gifts and innate talents and expand and grow to create their impact and contribution in the world.

She is also a kick ass friend and supporter, and I am so grateful to be able to share her magic with you all as she ALWAYS has my back and is always pushing me to leap – so I hope this episode encourages you to take a big leap in your own life.


Follow the niggle of your soul – it will NEVER go away, so listen and take action.

Designing your life around your VALUES.

What exactly IS service and contribution, and how can we all step in to this daily?

The pressure of having your shit together all the time, and the REALity of that. (None of us do!)

What the actual f*ck coaching is and why it’s beneficial. (+ the importance of accountability and community!)

Letting go of all the ‘improving’ and ‘getting better’ and actually just being humanAF and vulnerable, and approaching ourselves with wholistic acceptance and facing off with the shadows.

Surrender, gratitude and meditation to step in to self belief.

Letting go of what other people think – not everyone is going to like you.

Dropping the need for approval and not sacrificing your self expression for the approval of others

Minimising the gap between the dream and the doubt.

EVERYONE has the voice of self doubt. It’s a choice to listen or not listen to it.

Confidence is a muscle – it doesn’t just happen.

Two pillars to overcoming self doubt – healing and taking action.

Moving past resistance and in to acceptance – knowing it comes right before a breakthrough usually.

Creating awareness of your micro habits for self sabotage BEFORE shit hits the fan (and why awareness isn’t an opportunity for self judgment).

Is it happening TO you, or FOR you? The power of language.

It’s not about you. Stepping out of your own way to create an even bigger impact.

Hope you all enjoyed the episode! Comment with your takeaways xo